Tera Copy 3.10 Crack With Serial Key [2023]

TeraCopy 3.10 Crack

Tera Copy 3.10 Crack is a free file transfer utility designed to speed up file transfers. With Tera Copy, users can copy and move files faster and more securely than with Windows’ built-in file transfer utility. The software uses advanced algorithms to optimize file transfers, reducing the time it takes to copy large files. Tera Copy also verifies files after they are copied. Ensuring that the files are identical to the original. This makes it a great tool for users who need to transfer large amounts of data quickly and reliably.

The software has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Users can drag and drop files into the Tera Copy window, or use the Windows context menu to initiate file transfers. Tera Copy also integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing users to access the software’s features directly from the Windows Explorer interface.

One of the biggest advantages of Tera Copy is its ability to pause and resume file transfers. If a file transfer is interrupted. Tera Copy will automatically pause the transfer and wait for the user to resume it. This is especially useful for users who are transferring large files over a slow or unreliable network connection.

Tera Copy also includes several advanced features, such as the ability to copy locked files and the ability to skip files that already exist in the destination folder. The software also includes a command line interface, allowing users to automate file transfers and integrate Tera Copy into their workflow.

Overall, Tera Copy is a powerful file transfer utility that can help users transfer files quickly and reliably. Whether you’re transferring large files over a network or copying files between drives.


Tera copy has several features, including file transfer optimization, file verification, pause and resume transfers, copy locked files, skip existing files, and integration with Windows Explorer.

Other features of Tera copy include shell integration, command line support, Unicode support, and the ability to copy files using an elevated Windows service.

Here are ten features of Tera copy:

1. File transfer optimization

2. File verification

3. Pause and resume transfers

4. Copy locked files

5. Skip existing files

6. Integration with Windows Explorer

7. Shell integration

8. Command line support

9. Unicode support

10. Portable application.

Installer and portable versions

Tera copy is available in both installer and portable versions. The installer version is designed to be installed on your computer like any other software application. Without the need for installation. The portable version is useful for users who need to use Teracopy on multiple computers, or who want to run the software from a USB drive while on the go.

Minimal interface

Tera copy has a minimal interface that displays the progress of file transfers. The interface shows the source and destination paths, the file name, the transfer speed, and the estimated time remaining. The interface also includes a progress bar that shows the percentage of the file that has been transferred. The minimal interface makes it easy to use Teracopy without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.

TeraCopy 3.10 Crack

Copy or transfer filesĀ and set conditions

Tera copy allows users to copy or transfer files while setting conditions. For example, users can choose to skip files that already exist in the destination folder, overwrite older files, or rename files with the same name. Additionally, users can set conditions for file transfers, such as only transferring files that meet certain criteria. These conditions can help users to manage their file transfers more effectively and efficiently.

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